Friday, October 8, 2010

deliciously tired

So, we've had a really busy but fantastic couple of days!  Yesterday, we attended the Fort Worth Zoo homeschooler's day!  Seriously Awesome Day!  This is a picture just outside of the country's most elite herpetarium, the  Museum of Living Art.  The Meet the Animals exhibit was really cool for the kids.  And it was neat to see so many other homeschoolers.  Some of those parents take it SUPER seriously.  And I thought I was pretty bad.  I saw a lot T-shirts with the "name" of their homeschool and mission statements.  I didn't really have a mission statement.  I just want to help my children grow into well-rounded, well-educated, confident, KIND, good people.  Did you catch the past tense?  Today is officially our last day of "first grade at home."  Michael starts the Adaptive Behavior and Communication first grade class at Parkcrest Elementary on Monday.  He should be in a normal classroom with an aide about 60% of the day.  And he will be on the full first grade curriculum.  Honestly, though, he's doing higher grade level work at home.  So, we'll try to supplement after-school and on the weekends.  I just need to make sure he doesn't burn out.  Wish us luck.
Michael and the Macaw

Coralie and an Elephant

Sadly, none of my pictures turned out nicely from Wednesday.  We went to the State Fair of Texas!  Coralie rode her first Ferris wheel and loved every second of it!  I'll have to see if Mama's pics came out any better than mine did.  (Here's hoping I get a new camera for my birthday.  So sick of the camera on my phone.)Did you know that the Texas Star Ferris Wheel at the State Fair is the tallest Ferris wheel in North America at 212 feet tall (about 21 stories high)? 

Our plans for today?  So happy you asked!  Veg. Veg. Veg.

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  1. So glad y'all had such a fun day!! I hope Michael likes his new school! You'll have to let us know what he thinks once he has a chance to adjust!