Friday, October 15, 2010

First Week.

Well, it was Michael's first week back to school.  All in all, things seem pretty okay.  Paul, I, or both of us drop him off at school just before 8am.  And Grandma picks him up afterschool.  He eats cookies and decompresses at Grandma's.  Then, he comes home to do his homework and play a computer game.  We eat dinner.  Bedtime routine.  And by 8:15, he is out like a light.  He seems to be doing okay.  The school work is ridiculously easy.  But, he's making friends.  And his teachers seem to like him.  So, I guess it's a win.

Tuesday, Grandma was feeling bad for him.  So, she bought him a Spiderman board game.  We were  He was super excited to play it.  It was nice - much better than the Settlers fiasco.  Funny how he loved it at first, but by the end of it he wanted anyone to win so he could go to sleep.  We play some marathon Settlers of Catan in this house.  I think this might be why its so hard to get people to come over and play.  Anyway, Spiderman was just the right duration a game for a school night.  So, score!  Thanks, Grandma!

Coralie and I have thoroughly enjoyed our time together.  She did still cry this morning when we dropped Michael off at school.  But, I think it was more for my benefit than hers.  We spent some time at White Rock Lake this week.  I took some pictures on Thursday.  She looked like a little cheerleader for the team that makes Mama and Daddy cry - and sometimes other teams' fans - (Suck it, Texans!)

Me thinks this was higher than I first thought...

Are you done with that camera yet?

Fine.  Take your picture.

I hope you brought bail money.

Money shot!

I have to say I felt very conflicted.  On the one hand, my daughter is adorable...on the other hand, cheerleader - ugh.  The shirt was from Grandma, though.  And I know Grandma Rodriquez really wanted her little Jessica to be a girly-girl.  Too bad for her, Jessie liked to play with GI Joes.  So, I guess we should indulge her for now.

So, Real life conversation from this afternoon:

Me: (running late as usual)  Coralie we have to hurry and get to the car.
Coralie: No, Mama. No car. (firmly.  There may have been a foot stamp.)
Me: But, Coralie, we have to pick up Daddy from work.  Don't you want to see Daddy?
Coralie: (sweetly) Ummm...nope. (firmer, still.)No. I. pick up. Daddy.
Me: (desperate now) But, Coralie, don't you want cookies?
Coralie: Cookies? (I'm sure you know the voice/inflection.)
Me: (knowing I will win no parenting awards) Yeah, we have to pick up Daddy if we want to go to the store to get cookies.
Coralie: Okay, I ah get Daddy.  Come on, Mama.  (grabbing my hand & dragging me now)Let's go a uh Car.
A short while later while buckling her seatbelt....
Coralie: Mama?
Me: Yes, Coralie.
Coralie:Where a Michael?
Me: (NOOOOO!  michael is spending the night at Grandma's and Coralie will want to spend the night, too.)
Coralie: I want Michael. Oh nooooo( familiar?), where a michael gooooo? (voice escalating to near fit)
Me:  You want Michael?
Coralie: Yessss.(woefully, tearfully, and with an emphatic nod)
Me: Would you rather have Michael or cookies? (I'm going to hell.) 
Coralie: (no hesitation) Cookies. (no more tears)  Let's go a uh store.
Me: Daddy first, right?
Coralie: Oh-Kay.  A-Daddy firs.

That's my baby girl.  She knows what she wants.  She knows what she values. And she can act quickly, decisively, and resolutely to navigate between the two.  Already, the woman I want to be.  And bonus points for making an awesome fairy princess!
Tinkerbell, eat your heart out!


  1. So glad the kids are doing so good! Great pics too!

  2. That's great that Michael's first week went well! I'm glad that he's making some new friends. Great pictures!