Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day essay

Based on a true story, an essay on love for my writing class.

Descriptive Essay Draft (Bicycle Love)

I want a 2011 Madsen kg271. She is sunshine on two wheels. She is a lady. She indulges my compulsion to
match beauty to function. Smiling coyly, silently – ever the tease, she listens as I press my suit upon her. Judge me not, if you have never felt as I do.

I lust for this machine. Her sleek, slender frame belies her strength, for she’s crafted from the same medium as an AK-47. Dangerous – she stokes a fire within me, a yearning desire for roads not travelled, friends never greeted, cities never truly seen. Spent from her seduction and draped across her, I whisper intimately, “Hello, lover, shall we ride?”

Gently, she reminds me that we can’t – shouldn’t - always be alone together. It would be a waste of her nature to nurture, hold, carry, and guide. The blaze within me calms to a still peace and warm embers. I long to share her with my children. Now, I feel sticky warm hands on my back and cascades of laughter wash over me while they beg, “Faster! Faster!” Damp head pressed against me, I taste salt from the sleepy-head, as I inhale sharply from the tingling in my arm, embracing the small body she carries between us on our 10 mile per hour hug. My lady was made for family life.

“Still,” I insist, “children aren’t forever; my love for you is.” When the little ones leave us for their own steel steeds, it will be us two as it was before they joined us. Long after her sunlight has faded to primer and my knees ache at the mere thought of a lengthy sojourn or races through the park, we will weave and saunter beneath a lavender sky. I’ll place flowers in her bucket, tie ribbons to her bars, and love her even more than I do in our youth. I swear this is true.

Have you ever known love? Was she patient and kind as my Madsen has been to endure my pleas and promises? “I will love you more every day that we share, just say you will be mine.”